About Me

Rory M-J

I have been professionally helping people to change their minds, behaviours and outcomes for over twenty years. 

I ran the popular Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic for a decade, which pioneered a unique form of in-person hypnotherapy using a sensory pod. I moved my hypnosis work online just before the Covid-19 pandemic and after a personal experience of the virus and subsequent Long Covid, I transformed my approach to holistic wellbeing and life generally.

I have a positive, straight-talking style with a strong sense of humour. I run a number of different channels and I’m passionate about all things esoteric, cat care and my Irish-Scots heritage.

  • I’ve performed over 7000 stop smoking sessions (mostly successful and I am happy to share why some were not!). In addition, I have provided another 4000+ hypnosis sessions for other issues.
  • I hold a degree and three Masters-level postgraduate certificates, including one in Psychology (PgCert). I’m a qualified practitioner in several other fields, including Qigong, Tarot, Reiki, Shamanism and Astrology.
  • I have a personal experience of why stopping smoking is so important. My mum developed oral cancer from smoking in 2011 and was thankfully treated successfully.
  • I’ve had clients from all walks of life, including famous actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and members of Royal Families. I enjoy exploring elite, novel and unusual applications of hypnosis.
  • I’ve also seen clients from over 62 different countries. Nearly all of them have managed to cope with my South London accent!